Weirdest Metal Bands in Music History

Since its inception in the ‘60s, metal music has been graced by several outrageous musicians and bands. From ridiculous clothing to sullen behaviors to lunatics, these groups have lightened up many stages with the unforeseen. Many a band have taken off the beaten path and left with ignominy as well as everlasting legacies. We travel down metal music history and present the craziest musicians and bands.

Radio Werewolf

If you enjoyed heavy metal during the satanic ritual abuse years, then you certainly must have memories of Radio Werewolf. Weird is an understatement when you speak of Radio Werewolf. They claim their music was a dominant frequency for music purists. With the infamous vocalist, Zeena Schreck, at the helm, this group performed theatrical cult rituals in their shows. The madness was further highlighted by their obsession with necrophilia, serial killers, and Nazi flirtations.

Zolar X

Zolar X turned up in the mid-‘70s at the height of metal music insanity. They welcomed themselves as extraterrestrials from outer space with little similarity to humans. Zolar X’s songs can be used as free background metal music for videos by fans globally. Notable features in their performances included alien lingual, silver-suited clothing, and space surfer’s headgear with antennas. Although they vanished in 1981, their music still delights metal lovers to date.

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza

Just like their name, this band signals terror and mayhem. Bad luck was incepted in Philadelphia as a hardcore punk group. They are notorious for brutal, dangerous, and violent on-stage traits. When you invite them to your metal music venue, be well covered by property insurance. Their shows are always marked with bloody violence amongst themselves as well as hardcore fans. The band’s pyrotechnics could be what cheers you if the recklessness doesn’t.