Find Your Inner Energy: Music For Relaxation and Stress Relief

Do you feel like your energy level is down to the minimum? Especially if you have a busy lifestyle, you may encounter days on which you don’t feel at your best. If this sounds like you, there is a special type of music can help you to relieve and heal your body and soul.

Find A Quiet Moment and Space

Even if you have a busy life, you can always find 30 minutes for yourself. Sit in a quiet place, far from the outside noises.

Choose to listen to your favourite relaxing music through a good pair of headphones. For total comfort, you can opt for a Bluetooth wireless model connected to a quality smartphone. If you are looking at buying, but are on a tight budget, we suggest that you have a look at a refurbished iphone: they offer good connectivity and a stable operating system, essential to not disrupt your relaxing routine.

Recharge Your Energy Level With Special Frequencies

There are some composers that do specialize in music for relaxation. These pieces of music are usually quite long and include special audio frequencies designed to stimulate the production of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins in your brain.

Increasing the level of these substances in your brain will not only help to elevate your mood, but they will act as an energy boost for your whole body. These special low frequencies are embedded into the music and they usually sound like fast beats, juxtaposed to the rest of the melody.

At the beginning, you’ll definitely hear them, but once you close your eyes and start relaxing, the beats will be barely audible. After about 20 minutes, you will already start to feel the first effects, but we suggest that keep the routine about 30 minutes long.

You’ll feel relaxed, positive, with a renewed energy ready for your work or family tasks!