Promoting Music on Social Media

There was a time when musicians had to either sell their work through an agent or perform at shows to get noticed. Times have changed. These days, there are musicians who have made a name by simply using social media. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram to promote themselves. You too can join that group if you start working on your social networking skills.

Using Social Media

  • Know your audience: Before you start social media marketing, you must know who you are targeting with your music. This will help you determine the social media sites to prioritise, and the language to use on your post to attract followers.
  • Have snippets of your music on posts: The reason you are using social media is to promote your music. People want to hear how you sound, and to associate with your music. You do not have to put the whole song/album. You just need snippets so that they develop an interest in your music.
  • Consistency is key: You can never succeed on social media if you are not consistent. If you are not available online all the time, you should explore post scheduling so that you are constantly updating your pages.
  • Aim for a connection: What people are looking for when listening to a musician on social media is a level of connection. Social media is about networking. Respond to questions and messages where necessary. You should also make your followers feel appreciated by giving them mentions.
  • Mix things up: Get creative with your social media engagements. Some of the things you can try include going live on social media, hosting competitions, sharing interesting and motivational personal stories, among others.

Always remember that even though social media is a casual platform to promote your music, you must always be professional. You can still get bad press based on your posts and conduct on social media and it could ultimately ruin your brand.