How to Create a Stunning Recording Studio Decor With Art Prints

A recording studio is not just a facility full of cables and equipped with all sorts of LED sparkling gear, microphones, stands and so on. When artists or bands walk in, they have to find a place where their inspiration can be fostered. In this way, they will be able to deliver their best performance. The critical elements of a successful studio are the engineer’s skills, and the gear, together with the features of the recording rooms and the acoustics. Since we are working in an artistic realm, it is also essential to create a place with the right atmosphere and decor.

A Creative and Affordable Solution

One of the best ways to effectively add a touch of style to your recording facility is by hanging art prints on the walls. No matter what kind of furniture you have (modern, minimalistic or classic), you’ll be surprised by how different your walls will look if you hang some stylish posters. Not only are art prints less costly than the original artwork, but because of their thinness, they can also be hung on surfaces already covered with sound-absorbing panels, allowing you to hide problem areas (for example, where a gap between the panels is noticeable).

How to Choose the Best Designs

The designs do not necessarily have to be linked to music or art. You can opt for nature, landscapes, portraits or a graphic design, as long as you keep in mind a sort of theme between the different posters. This may be a color (for example, black and white), a specific size or a particular subject.

Shopping Tips

If you don’t know where to start and need inspiration, try to buy your prints online. Some websites offer a wide range of designs and accessories, such as frames, to guarantee the best results. It is crucial to check the specification of the paper, which has to be high quality, and whether you have the option to return the goods if you are not satisfied with the products.

Hanging the Prints

If you framed the prints with glass, don’t hang them directly in front of your studio monitors, as the glass may interfere with the correct sound diffusion in the room, causing weird reflections. For this reason, the best place to hang your artwork will be around the glass of the control room to form a sort of “frame” for the crystal. If you decide to place small spotlights under or above the prints, do not use dimmers, as those devices may cause electrical disturbances in the audio circuits of your studio.