The World’s Most Unusual Instruments

When it comes to music instruments, people tend to automatically think of a piano, a violin, or a guitar. But there are actually hundreds of other musical instruments that have been used over the past centuries for making music around the world. Traditional instruments can be divided into categories, such as strings, percussions, woodwinds and&hellip

The History of Music: Cultural Evolution Throughout the Ages

  The evolution of music closely follows the evolution of humans. Primitive humans produced primitive music. As hunter-gatherers, people spent the vast majority of their time and effort on surviving. Hunting. Gathering. And defending themselves against predators. With the development of communities, and later civilizations, more time was found for cultural pursuits. Art, philosophy, and&hellip

Four Great Composers of Classical Music

  Music has been an entertaining and provocative component of culture for thousands of years. The highlight of musical creativity and influence was during the period of classical music. At this time, music became synonymous with refinement and wealth. Theses four composers led this movement and contributed greatly to Classical Music’s lasting impact. Johann Sebastian&hellip

Jazz: Music for the People

  Music is created for a variety of reasons but its most important function is the expression of emotion. Of feeling. No form of music better exemplifies this than jazz. The Origin of Jazz Jazz was established in the late nineteenth century, although its roots go back much further. Developed largely in the city of&hellip

Music as Therapy

  Music has long been known as a source of pleasure, an idle pursuit bringing joy and beauty to the world. Recently, music has been discovered to have another function, therapy for mental and physical ailments. Music for the Mind and Body Psychologists have been utilizing music in therapy designed to eliminate stress and anxiety.&hellip

The Neanderthal Flute

  One might think the oldest instrument ever located would be some form of drum. A primitive percussion instrument, requiring little technology to create and less skill to play. In truth, the oldest known instrument is far more complex. More than 40,000 years ago someone in present-day Germany carved a flute out of bone. Complete&hellip